Booster Meeting – Changed

The Pom Booster Club meeting that was scheduled for August 18th has been changed to Tuesday, August 16th at 6:30pm in Alumni Hall. The meeting has been changed because of the Home football scrimmage scheduled Thursday.

SPORT PROGRAM ADs:  The Sport Ads and individual pom squad member (i..e. Senior Salute, Junior Salute, etc.) salute are due August 12th.   The goal for each child is to sell a minimum of $250.  Turn in the Sport Ad form(s) to a booster club officer. The athletic department will noet take Sports ads after August 12th. If you have any questions, contact a booster club officer.

Ewy Foundation : A website has been created in 2nd Lieutenant Jered Ewy’s memory. A trust has been set up for Megan and Kyla Ewy. Donations can be made to the trust be accessing the website. The donation will be tax deductible.