Pom Pictures

Lonnie Potter from Final Touch Photography wanted to pass this information along to you. Lonnie has done a tremedous job for DCPOM in the past. We have been lucky to have Final Touch Photography to work with our girls.

First I want to say thanks to everyone involved for allowing me to photograph the girls these last few years. It has been an enjoyable experience. Creating all the ads for the programs has also been really great also. Everybody is always so very nice.

Second, we have been going through some change here in adjusting how things are run. In the past, we have been doing most of our printing in-house. By doing this we have not had to increase our prices for the last three years. Now since we have grown over the years, we have decided to farm out all of our work. Therefore this is causing us to slightly raise our prices. I wanted to pass this along to you so hopefully you can pass it along, that these changes will be made on August 22nd. So if anyone who would like to get their orders in before this change, I encourage them to do this by this date.

Again, let me say how much I appreciate everything from everyone involved.

Lonnie Potter

Final Touch Photography