I.            MISSION

The Deer Creek High School Cheerleading and Pom program will be a collaborative effort of cheerleaders, dancers, sponsors, choreographers, specialists, and administrators emphasizing promotion of school spirit and dedication to excellence.

II.            PURPOSE

It is the purpose of the spirit squads to:

  1. Promote and uphold school spirit.
  2. Set an example of good behavior at all times (whether in uniform, or not), including games and all school functions.
  3. To support our school’s athletic teams and compete at state competitions.  We will spend a majority of our time developing ways to increase school spirit, cooperation, participation, and student involvement.  We will also constantly strive to encourage good sportsmanship by our athletes, students, and fans.


The primary function of the mascot, cheer, and pom squads is to promote and rally school spirit and support for Deer Creek High School.  This includes tournaments and championship events as deemed appropriate by the sponsor.    Both spirit squads are also expected to be able to publicly demonstrate a skill level suitable for the team position at athletic events and pep assemblies.

IV.            ELIGIBILITY

The squads first and foremost responsibility is to its academic achievement.  Excellence in academics is expected and should not be compromised by participation in the program.  Eligibility for participation will be determined weekly using OSSAA guidelines.  The sponsors will receive notification of all members who are ineligible.    Students that are ineligible will attend and participate at all practices, but will not perform at any games, pep rallies, or competitions.   Long term ineligibility (more than four weeks or at sponsor’s discretion) will result in dismissal from the cheer/pom program to allow the student to concentrate on school.